Submission Guidelines 

About the Blog: 

The blog is a platform to publish discourse on politico-legal information, social justice issues, and current affairs; with focus on the Indian subcontinent. We welcome submissions from anyone with a nuanced take. Professional or institutional affiliation does not matter. Submissions must pertain to politics, law, current affairs, economics, religion & culture, or similar other subject matter. Poetry, prose, illustrations and other forms of artwork pertaining to similar topics, can be submitted for our bi-annual publication of art. We accept article, photo and video submissions on a rolling basis. 




1. Articles

Contributors may submit short articles of 1000–3000 words. All submissions must contain an abstract of 50–100 words. Contributors are encouraged to provide a relevant photograph related to the subject matter of the article for a photographic preview in the post and social media updates. Submissions must be made in .doc or .docx format. 


2. Photographs

Authors may choose to convey a story via a series of photographs as well. The photographs must be accompanied by a 50-100 word description. Contributor(s) must specify that they hold the copyright for the photographs, or that the copyright owner's permission has been sought and granted.

3. Videos

In addition to this, we also encourage any video recordings on the blog. Please attach a 100 –150 worded description for the same.  Submissions must be made in .mp3 or .mp4 format. 

Formatting and References: 

  • The content should be written in Times New Roman, font size 12. 

  • Line Spacing is to be maintained at 1.5.

  • Everything must be in British English — ‘criticize’ would be ‘criticise’.

  • All relevant sources must be duly acknowledged and hyperlinked in the text of the submission itself.

  • Alternatively, use footnotes or endnotes to acknowledge sources relied on. Please ensure that all facts, figures, and information is accounted for. 

  • So as to not deter submission and limit our contributions, we do not insist on a citation format. 

  • Sources need to be acknowledged even if the content is paraphrased. 

Conditions for Publication: 

  • Please note that Not Your Newspaper does not allow cross-posting of articles.

  • Co-authorship of articles is allowed. 

  • Authors should be prepared to make suitable changes to their articles as required by us before publication. 

  • Please note that submissions that do not conform to our editorial guidelines may be returned or rejected. We reserve the right to reject submissions without providing substantive feedback.





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