About Us 



Not Your Newspaper was started by Natasha, a law student who knows what she is talking about, and whose drive to get at the bottom of things can border on the annoying; and Sarah, a visual arts student who likes things to look nice and simple, and whose ability to be passive-aggressive to bigots is unsurpassed.

Not Your Newspaper is a passion project of ours, that was born in the midst of, and in large part because of the arrival of the highly discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act. With the country in a state of flux, with most mainstream media sensationalising news and dancing to the tunes of the government, we felt that it was our duty to use our considerable privilege of education, class, and caste to start a discourse with those whom we can reach. Our humble objectives are to try and politicise shamefully apolitical Gen Z, to make information about politics, law, and current affairs easy to digest, and to counter the scarily rampant misinformation that one is guaranteed to find on any boomer's WhatsApp groups.

Meet the Team


Natasha Maheshwari

Natasha Maheshwari does her part — not only as a citizen but also to change the system from within. This 22-year-old has a never-say-die attitude and a constant yearning to learn. All that she is in her wit, she lacks deeply in fashion sense.  


Sarah Modak

Meet Sarah Modak — a 22-year-old visual arts student. Her artistic sensibility works in perfect harmony with her grasp over graphic design. Sarah's demand for equity is unmatched (in tough competition with her undying love for biryani).